Round and Remarkable: Popular Round Logos to Inspire Your Logo Design Journey

In the design industry, there are millions of brands made to catch your gaze yet there’s more to it than being a showstopper. Among all font choices, color theories, and design principles that are applied in creating a logo, one that stands out is for it to embody the brand’s identity. With the countless shapes and logos it can form into, round logos just provide that distinctive charm. Its circular shape exudes timelessness that majorly affects how a brand is perceived. Let’s know all about circular logos or emblems and with its history, learn how to craft the perfect round logo for your brand with the help of Ailogomakerr.

What Lies Behind Round Logos

By experience, have you ever had all eyes on a particular brand because of the shape of their logo? Nothing weird about that! The circular shape is something all humans subconsciously associate to wholeness and infinity, no wonder round emblems feel familiar! The shape has a soft look to it which echoes friendliness and a welcoming aura if being put against logos with sharper sides. 

Round shapes are a common choice for a reason as the shape radiates a sense of harmony. This feeling of safety and soundness from a shape is a good-to for brands as it projects trustworthiness between patrons and business owners. The shape lacking beginning and ends is the perfect representation of continuity and consistency. Traits that are vital in making long-standing patron-owner relationships.

The Story Behind Round Logos

Your Favorite Cup of Joe

The way Starbucks evolved through the years happened gradually yet effectively. The encased siren became an iconic emblem and is testament to the brand’s identity and journey from being a small coffee shop in Seattle to being one of the industry giants. Their logo is the perfect example of combining modern style and paying homage to brand legacy. The round shape not only masterfully frames the distinctive Starbies siren, it also signifies the close-knit community the coffee brand has made.

Round and Luxurious 

BMW’s logo looks unassuming with its sleek and simple style but given its round logo shape that’s etched its significance in the industry, BMW sure is a part of history that is still up and running today. The logo boasts the colors of the Bavarian flag, rounded up in a circular shape. It pays homage to the brand’s roots and their unwavering commitment not only to their home base but to excellence and innovation in the car industry. The brand’s circular logo shows how an emblem can look both original and modern. 

Everyone’s Favorite Space Guy

NASA’s iconic round logo gained an adorable nickname the “meatball” and fitted within the circle is man’s desire for space exploration and curiosity of the universe. The circle emblem is home to the team’s mission of traveling through the stars and plunging into the vast abyss. The NASA logo is also quite inspirational as it represents how far man can venture to and it holds endless potential and possibilities that can be played out so long as you put your head into it. 

The stories of these iconic round logos shows the power of a simple shape and how it holds more than just aesthetics. Well-thought of elements put within a circle can reflect a brand’s vision and create a compelling impression on the consumers’ mind.

Designing Your Own Round Logo

You’d want a round logo that personifies your brand’s vision and is eye-catching. In a pool of logos, strive to be the drop that stands out, here’s how;

Keep it classic: Opting for a simple design is often a gamble, you wouldn’t want to make it look plain! The key is to make it simple enough so your logo can easily be recognizable and at the same time memorable. Avoid filling out negative spaces with random elements just for the sake of filling it out. Don’t be too messy with your design!

Color me happy: Your color palette must help a set of shades that reflect your brand personality the most. Colors are not just for the vibe, it conveys emotions and represents values. Choose them wisely to strategically illuminate your brand’s identity through them.

Be cryptic: Symbolism never gets old! Incorporate some elements that represent some of the values your brand upholds. If you’re unsure of which specific element you should go for, consider utilizing free online tools to help you with your logo design journey!

Crafting the perfect round logo can put quite a pressure on designers and we at Ailogomakerr understand that struggle! This is why our platform is made easy, user-friendly with intuitive tools to make logo designing convenient and enjoyable. No matter if you’re making a new logo from scratch or refreshing your existing brand, Ailogomakerr is your ideal design buddy to bring your vision to existence!

To Top it All Off

Round logos are indeed remarkable, they have that distinctiveness that helps in building a brand’s identity and the psychological feelings the shape evokes makes it easy for the audiences to resonate with it. But beyond the shape, what lies within, is an endless possibility on how you can create it into whatever you want your logo to stand for.

Remember, don’t be shy to utilize tools on your difficult logo-making journey so you’ll have all the help you need!