Top 10 Logo Redesign Fails: Unveiling the Oopsies of Past Redesign and What it Taught Us

What’s up, design go-getters! Today we’re up to learn another thrilling info in the world of logos and graphic designing. It’s another blog to guide you through your logo-making and logo redesigning journey. Whether you’re a total newbie in the scene or an expert with an undying thirst for knowledge, learning from the big guy’s missteps is always an effective way to learn! Strap in and as we all check out 10 of the most popular logo redesign fails and learn from their revision mishaps as we go. 

Uber (2016)

Uber, Your New Logo Is a Mistake and Looks Like JPMorgan's | Fortune

Uber or just a random geometric shape? The 2016 Uber rebrand gained diverse reactions. It features a sleek design completely barren of what Uber once was. Confusing the public about its connection to the brand’s identity.

What to Learn From it?

Don’t scrap it, improve it! You can always collaborate with online tools or draw inspiration from other logos just so you’re certain that your redesign would be a total upgrade all while not severing the connection to the brand’s original identity.

AOL (2009)

Who is this? For a brand with users that are mostly digital immigrants, AOL did a pretty clumsy job with their logo design that happened in 2009. It left its users puzzled with its vague new logo and unclear representation. This again, stressed the necessity of clarity and incorporating old elements in logo redesigning.

What to Learn From it?

Aim for concise and relevant. Always reach out to your existing clients for feedbacks and most importantly; research! Research is key to source out what your audience needs to avoid keeping them in the dark and delivering what they need.

London Olympics (2012)

A logo that left everyone, even outside of the sports world completely puzzled. The abstract design of the London 2012 Olympics flopped so bad and it was thrown with a lot of criticisms as it looked more of a labyrinth than a representation for the most major sporting event.

Far too complicated from the familiar Olympics logo the crowd is familiar with.

What to Learn From it?

Make sure to not complicate your graphics! If you have trouble with your logo designing, you can always utilize online logo making tools to craft a design with a concise message, avoiding jumbled elements on your logo.

Gap (2010)

Back in 2010 the clothing brand giant Gap left the public perplexed with their logo revision that gave a brand a modern facelift. 

Don’t get us wrong, modernizing logos is definitely an ideal mood, but making the letters bland, with a gradient-filled blue box completely drops the iconic white and blue combo Gap is known for by the public. 

What to Learn From it?

Bit of advice, don’t mess with perfection and definitely show some respect with legacy. A sudden change from what the brand is visually known for may alienate a loyal following base. You don’t want your patrons feeling like they’ve wandered upon the wrong store! When considering a redesign, an AI logo maker like Ailogomakerr can blend the perfect mix of newness and familiarity in one seamless transition.

Pepsi (2009)

As close to home Pepsi’s logo revision may seem, it still gained a handful of comments from its critics. Some even went as far as call the new logo “a swirl of confusion” as it blurred the line between modernity and a soda logo. 

What to Learn From it?

Don’t be afraid to make your logo unique! But again, always do your best to pay homage to the brand’s original image to avoid confusion on your loyal patrons.

The University of California (2012)

The epitome of control Z, The University of California refreshed its recognized emblem with a modern stylized “C” which faced a ton of backlash including from their stakeholders. 

What to Learn From it?

Keep the crowd informed! Engage with your partners and audience, give them a sneak peek of what’s to come so they would not be too surprised with an upcoming facelift your logo will go through.

Airbnb (2014)

Was that on purpose? Airbnb’ recent logo redesign wasn’t a total flop but it did gain a wave of online humor as the uncovered new logo seems to resemble something that’s usually kept covered! 

What to Learn From it?

Examine your logo design, flip it upside down if you need to. Just make sure there’d be no unintended graphic implications! You can utilize online logo making tools if you wish to surely steer clear of unwanted visual representation.

MasterCard (2016)

Sometimes, simplicity is not king. Don’t overdo simplification because it can totally look like an amateur’s draft! It’s specifically such a careless move from a global brand that highlights professionalism.

What to Learn From it?

Everything is acceptable in moderation so try not to overdo anything, not even simplicity.

Sydney Opera House (2009)

Another case of going for simple gone wrong! The iconic Sydney Opera House did a logo revamp back in 2009. This said redesign also faced backlash as it made the symbol look vague and unrecognizable. This mistake teaches us the importance of paying homage to the brand’s previous logo whenever they are opting for a revamp.

The revised logo that went a little too minimalistic

What to Learn From it?

Never lose the brand’s touch! Ensure that the core elements are there to preserve the iconic look of a renowned brand. The brand’s personality should remain intact even after a logo refresh.

Tropicana (2009)

Squeeze the juice, not the brand identity! Back in 2009, Tropicana swapped their brand-known orange with a straw for a lame glass of OJ. Needless to say, it left grocery-store patrons from all over the world fumble and scratch their heads looking for their go-to brand that’s just right under their nose!

What to Learn From it?

NEVER underestimate elements that make your brand iconic. Even if it’s just as simple as a piece of fruit! Try to preserve the symbols that recognizes the brand. Keep those in mind during a logo redesigning to ensure a smoother transition for customers.

What’s the Cherry on Top of it All?

Learning what these industry masters already went through is helpful in navigating the twists and turns of your own logo redesigning journey. There is so much to learn with these redesigns! What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments. Good luck on your logo revamping journey and make sure to check out some of our latest blogs so you’re always on the know with the latest design must-knows!